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      About Us

      About HICC Heavy Industry Construction Co.


      HICC Heavy Industry Construction Co. is a privately-owned company established in Istanbul, Turkey. We started in 2006 and have already opened our branch office in Baku Azerbaijan, Nizhny Novgorod Russia and Poti Georgia. We are recognized throughout world markets as a trusted company in heavy industrial construction solutions. We employ high-qualified specialists, invest heavily in their training and education and we ensure the highest standards of health, safety and environment and governance is applied throughout our organization. 



      In HICC Heavy Industry Construction Co., we constantly strive to identify and adopt innovative ideas. We work hard to ensure that we remain flexible and adaptable within a changing environment and foster high performance teams to ensure our company’s long-term success.






      Vision & Mission

      Our vision is becoming well recognized trusted and preferred Contractor and Management Company in Industrial Construction Sector.

      Our mission is, execution of Chemical/Petrochemical Plants, Onshore/Offshore Platforms, Power Plants, Pipe Lines, and other industrial plants on EPC Lump Sum Turnkey basis. 

      Completion of all committed projects within international QA/QC requirements, on schedule, without loss time injury with social and environmental responsibility.