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      *Kazakhstan/Pavlodar, Entire Operation of 2008-2009

      Main Contractor : Unit Group 

      • Factory of gasification coal. (JSC, A.O.K)
      • Rest House. Zarinsky District (JSC, A.O.K)
      • Plant on production of primary aluminum. (Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant)
      • A Mechanical elevator with a capacity of up to 16.000 m3/h   
      • Rerouting of a 4.4 km stretch of the Zhezkazgan-Petropavlovsk, Route A-16
      • Insallation of central desk, HVAC at SDPP-1 station, Ekibastuz
      • Construction of an approach railroad to the electrolysis plant with a branch line to the Yuzhny Station.
      • Railroad, CGS Dumping Machine No.3
      • Loading of off-loading railway tracks at Vostochnaya Station.


      *(Projects which founders of HICC have been involved.)