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      Hadeed II Induction Plant Project – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

      General Project’s Data

      1.240.000 ton/year capacity Direct Reduction Induction Plant mechanical works Installation, partial material supply and instrumentation works.

      Customer Saudi Davy Company Ltd.

      Scope of the Works
      a. Mechanical Erection Works;

        4.400 tons of structural steel fabrication and erection works
        800 tons piping prefabrications and installation works (103.000 WDI)
        8000 ton pressurized vessel fabrication and installation works
        in addition to 440 tons of Reactor installations, heavy equipments installation works
        20.000 m2 surface blasting and painting works
        17.000 m2 roof and side wall cladding works

      b. Instrumentation works;;

        4.000 nos instruments
        7000 m instrument cables

      c. assistance to start up and commissioning activities.